Through His darshan, the ‘divine sight’

‘What is happening in darshan itself? First, before darshan, I’ve seen all of you. Seeing all of you, I visualise all of you in the divine consciousness. This means that there is this universal consciousness in which we are all connected together.

‘When I tell you to close your eyes and visualise me, actually, in the same way that you are visualising me, I am connecting to all of your consciousness. The atma that is inside is connecting to that universal atma which is in everyone. And that’s where the darshan happens.

‘The most exciting thing is to see the people after darshan, their happiness. It’s really nice. We have joyful, happy people. And this is the most beautiful thing. This is what the world is losing day by day, you know: happiness. The world is losing the joy of living!’


So wherever you are in the world, you can have a personal encounter with Paramahamsa Vishwananda, and experience the unconditional love of His darshan.

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After darshan, my 85 year-old grandmother was crying. I asked her why. She said she realised that God was looking at her and she was looking into God’s eyes.


Sathya Gerzow, Germany

Since I had my first darshan four years ago, I’ve discovered how powerful it is and how every darshan is different from another. It brings real changes in my mind and soul, and these changes, little by little, bring new things, people and opportunities in my life.

Silvia Scarpellini, Italy

His love brought me to tears for the first time. I have not experienced this pure deep love before like this. This is the miracle I was praying for.


Bill – USA

No words can describe the exact feelings I have…I only know that for me, time stops, thoughts stop, there is no pain, no worries, no yesterday and no tomorrow. It’s like nothing else matters anymore, just those Divine warm eyes that go thru me somehow, that fill me up with warmth and I feel so much love that I burst into tears. It is the most beautiful experience that I have ever had.

Loredana StoiciuRomania

When the blessing was finished, my body was very hot, I felt very emotional and cried, not of sadness, but it seemed like something was being cleaned.


Bruna Pelica, Portugal 

There is no difference between a physical and a online darshan…With each darshan I realise that He unlocks one of the thousands of doors I have closed. He shows with supreme patience, that He accompanies us with each step and waits for us with open arms to take us to greatest Love of all. Don’t miss this unique opportunity in life.


Rosa Mascarenhas Martins Barreto, Brazil 


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