The Saints of Vraja. O.B.L.Kapoor.

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The Saints of Vraja, whose biographies are here described, realized God, not in His ordinary aspect as the Creator and Controller of the Universe, but in His highest aspect as love and sweetness (Madhurya), in which He does not fret or frown over our faults and weaknesses, but loves and adores us, inspite of our failings, if only we love Him, in which He seeks us as much as we seek Him, needs us a much as we need Him.

In this aspect he can be realized through Raganuga Bhakti; or the current of devotion that flows spontaneously and ceaselessly from our heart over running in its course all barriers of spiritual forms and injunctions.

The Saints of Vraja are illustrious examples of this kind of bhakti. Their life-stories instill faith in the heart of the reader and automatically set him on the path of realization of God in His sweetest aspect, in which He loves and wants to be loved and to reveal always in pastimes of love, with those, who love Him.


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