‘The Hypocrite Within’. Mayuran Senthilnathan

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To discover our true Self, we must be willing to rise above any self-deceit and false beliefs. The Hypocrite Within delves into our psychology and teaches us how to do this.

Using characters from the great epic, the Mahabharata, the book analyses how the ego creates a range of strategies to manipulate what we think. By exposing the way it works, we are given a profound tool to self-analyse and transform ourselves.
Just as these characters have their reasons for siding with unrighteousness, so too the ego creates numerous justifications to take us away from the truth. Understanding this allows us to return to a place of real sincerity.
For those who are looking to advance on their path, the insights in this book will prove invaluable. They provide real clarity and show us how to find the Divine within.

Author: Mayuran Senthilnathan


Language: English

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