The Gosvamis of Vrindavana. O.B.L.Kapoor.

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Biographies of the Fourteen principal Acaryas of Vrindavana, who propagated the teachings of Sri Chaitanya.

Vrindavana has always been a sacred site for Vaishnavas. Lord Chaitanya sent His followers, the Gosvamis, to Vrindavana with the instructions to find the holy sites connected with the pastimes of Krishna. In Vrindavana the Gosvamis built temples, ponds, groves, and bathing-areas (ghats) along the bank of the Yamuna, and wrote extensively about Lord Krishna and Bhakti yoga.

This book describes the lives of fourteen Gosvamis, including Lokanatha, Sanatana, Rupa, and Jiva.



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