Sri Guru Gita

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The Sri Guru Gita is an authoritative text from the Skanda Purana, a
post-Vedic sacred scripture, which comprises the praises of the Guru.
These praises reveal the mystery of the Guru’s universal divine nature
and the special way in which an individual comes into contact with the
Guru, engages in a Guru-disciple relationship, and gets ready to receive
the Grace of true Realisation.

The Sri Guru Gita is a discussion between Lord Shiva and Goddess
Parvati, in which Parvati asks Shiva, “Who do you consider the greatest
one on Earth?” While the complete Sri Guru Gita is 400 verses long, this
book contains the in-depth commentary of Paramahamsa Sri Swami
Vishwananda on what He considers the most important 182 verses of this
scripture, which is focused entirely on praises that show us how to open
up the heart to receive Divine Grace. Sanskrit verses and translations
are included in this selection. Paramahamsa Vishwananda says, ‘The Sri
Guru Gita is one of the most wonderful songs which shows us that everything happens only through the Grace of the Guru.’


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