Sri Guru Gita – Audio Book – Sri Swami Vishwananda

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This CD Collection contains Sri Swami Vishwananda’s precious commentary on the Sri Guru Gita, which he gave during the Navaratri Celebrations 2014. It reveals the very essence of the Guru Disciple Relationship.

3 MP3 CDs, total time: 12h 29min

God is Love. God is Everything. God is Guru. The Guru is not of this world, even though He created it and we won’t be able to leave this world of limitation without Him. To succeed we need His Grace. We will obtain it by knowing Him intimately in the depth of our own being. And there is no greater way to achieve that than to listen to the Guru Gita and the profound wisdom imparted by the Satguru Himself. Absorb it, treasure it, and then apply it with determination and deep reverence. You will win the greatest prize: Everything. Love.

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