Sri Gopi Gita, The Song of the Longing Hearts – Paramahamsa Vishwananda

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Track List

1 The Enchanting Call of Krishna’s Flute; Krishna Hides Himself
2 Longing for Krishna’s Form
3 Longing for the Glance of Krishna’s Eyes
4 Dying of Separation from Krishna
5 Appealing to Krishna as the Hearts’ Indweller
6 Longing for Krishna’s Hand on Their Heads
7 Longing for Krishna’s Smiling Face
8 Longing for Krishna’s Lotus Feet on Their Chests
9 Longing for Krishna’s Sweet Voice
10 The Power of Hearing the Glory of Krishna
11 Missing the Intimate Pastimes with Krishna
12 Disturbed at the Mere Thought of Krishna’s Pain
13 Remembering Krishna’s Attractive Nature
14 Praising Krishna’s Lotus Feet
15 Longing for the Nectar of Krishna’s Lips
16 Longing for the Sight of Krishna’s Beauty
17 Lovingly Accusing Krishna of Being a Cheater
18 Hearts Burning with Desire for Krishna
19 Krishna’s Form as the Best Heart’s Medicine
20 Worrying About Krishna: Their Own Life
21 Maha Raas Leela

22 The Sri Gopi Gita



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