Meditation Cushion, Half-moon, Orchid Lotus

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Sitting with the right posture is essential for feeling that sense of peace when meditating, and this premium quality meditation cushion provides a stable and comfortable foundation for your practise.

The half-moon shape is ideal for sitting with crossed legs, sitting in half-lotus, or full lotus position.

Not quite the right amount of filling? Then add more or take some out for the ideal level of comfort and support!

  • Material outer cover: Long-wearing 100% natural cotton, removable and washable
  • Material inner cushion: 100% natural cotton, inner cushion, removable
  • Filling: 100% natural buckwheat hulls, considered to be the best filling for meditation cushions
  • Openings: Zippered outer cover and zippered inner cushion
  • Dimensions: Approximately 200 mm width x 130 mm height x 400 mm length
  • Weight: Approximately 1.7 kg
  • Care instructions: Wash the cover at 30 degrees C

Colour: dark orchid

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