MahaMeru Sri Yantra on Kurma

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This MahaMeru Sri Yantra sits on a tortoise (Kurma), a reminder of the divine support given by Lord Vishnu’s Kurma Avatar.

When the two-dimensional Sri Yantra is represented in three dimensions, it is called a Maha Meru. Meru – the sacred five-peaked mountain – is considered to be the centre of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universe. It resides in the spiritual realm and cannot be perceived with the physical eyes.

A Yantra is the most sacred geometry known to mankind, and is a very special energetic instrument for spiritual advancement. Sri Yantra is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols known to mankind. This is the supreme Yantra of the Divine Mother. All forms of Devi reside within it. It creates an aura of cosmic energy around the home where it is kept and worshipped.

´The Sri Yantra gives you all the qualities that you need to achieve the ultimate goal of life.´ Paramahamsa Vishwananda.


Size: Sri Yantra dimensions: 55 x 55 mm. Full length (with tortoise): 125 mm. Full height: 65 mm. Weight: 270 g.

Material: Brass

Colour: Golden

Yantra: 3D Meru


Ideal for home puja / abishekam.

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