Hammered Copper Water Bottle

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Drink in all the benefits of copper with this classy water bottle, hammered to create a beautiful textured surface. A durable screw top prevents leaking.

Material: Copper
Height: 270 mm
Diameter: 70 mm
Capacity: .85 litre

Here are a few benefits of drinking water from a copper bottle or cup:

1. Supports a healthy metabolism
2. Helps provide the body with energy
3. Needed for proper brain function
4. May prevent neuro-degenerative disease
5. Reduces symptoms of arthritis
6. Maintains a healthy nervous system
7. Helps build and maintain a healthy skeletal structure
8. Needed for proper growth and development
9. Helps balance thyroid
10. Prevents anemia or low iron levels
11. Needed for healthy hair, skin & eyes

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