Colouring Book: Guru-bhakti

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It’s not just another colouring book, this book is like a journey…it’s about feeling the inner connection with our guru lineage.

This colouring book contains 27 devotional drawings on 170g recycled-quality paper stock that is well suited for a variety of artistic mediums: crayons, pastels, coloured pencils and even watercolours, to some extent. Try mixing mediums and feel free to experiment. The real key is to colour everything with love and enjoy the experience.

Each drawing reveals different aspect of the Divine and you’ll begin to discover hidden aspects when you colour different devotional images.

A unique and inspiring feature of this colouring book is a simple guided Painting Meditation to use to tune into the devotional aspects of the Divine. The meditation helps focus your intention and takes you on an inner journey towards a deeper relationship with God in a personal form.


Painting Meditation Colouring Book Series: Guru-Bhakti

Language: English

Size: A 4

Pages: 64

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