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There is hardly anything better for mental relaxation and physical peace than simply switching off the light. That’s basically what this eye pillow does, without the need to find the switch! The satin cover is pleasantly cool on the skin and the therapeutic flax seed filling is in the removable inner compartment.

Organic flax seeds are the perfect filling for an eye pillow to give a relaxing heating and cooling effect on the eyes. These BIO eye pillows contain the freshest and highest quality organic flax seeds with a sprinkle of organic French lavender. Particularly suitable for relaxation exercises during yoga sessions to block the light and relax the eyes.

Material: Satin outer lining and cotton inner lining
Filling: Organic flax seeds with organic French lavender
Colour: Turquoise or grey
Dimension: (length / width): 230 x 100 mm


  • Removable cover
  • Lavender and flax seed inner pillow can be replaced when scent is gone

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Grey, Turquoise