Aradhana: Bhajamana Sri Radhe

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‘Bhajamane Sri Radhe’ is a devotional combination of traditional kirtans set in a western rock groove. Lively with soaring melodies, this album naturally draws us in to chanting along and becomes an addictive, soul-stirring form of spiritual practice.

The great devotional saints declare that to chant the names of God is to actually have God. It is to deliver the transcendent realm to our mind and heart. Each one is a different gateway to the same abode. When we sing the name of ‘Radha’ we awaken that ecstatic longing of a lover for their beloved. When we call upon ‘Vitthala’, we approach Him as a rustic simpleton eager to see the Divine as our nearest and dearest. When we chant ‘Narayana’, we recognise the highest, all-encompassing glory of God.


Track List

1 Kayena Vacha
2 Bhajamana Sri Radhe
3 Sri Radhe Govinda
4 Namake Nagari
5 Radhe Kishori
6 Hey Giridhari
7 Namdev Tukaram
8 Om Namo Narayanaya


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