"In time, there will be no time on Earth as you presently know it. 
The OM Healing Technique currently transcends time for the participants. 
This is a preparation for your future Wellness when time is no more
Mahavatar Babaji

Testimonies from OM Healing participants

I found my way to Om Healing when a good friend of mine took me there. She knew that I was both physically and mentally totally finished. Three years I had been struggling with my disease and after all also my daughter got seriously ill. My marriage was going towards divorse. Afterwards, when I discussed with a psychologist, it came up, that I had been very near to psychosis.
Practically I didn’t know anything about Om Healing, so I went there with an open mind and didn’t wait anything. I used to be very sceptical about these so called spiritual things. On the other hand I was in a situation, where I thought that at least nothing could go worse anymore, and spending an evening with a friend would be better than worrying at home.
I have never been interested in singing and I am not good in it. I was terrified when I realized that I was supposed to sing together with others the Om-sound. I thought in my mind that maybe I could just hum a little bit and pretend singing. It was a big surprise, when I noticed that singing Om happened by itself, I didn’t even find it difficult and those 45 minutes went very quickly!
First time I didn’t feel anything special, only that the singing was easy. Next week I got a flu and couldn’t go to the Om Healing. I had not even considered to go again to OM.
However next week, when I was well again, my girlfriend asked me again with her to Om Healing and I agreeded. That time I heard during Om Healing jingling of bells and as if somebody had whispered to my ear: “wake up! wake up!” I felt also waving in my spine on the cheast-area, and the waving was rising upwards. I began to feel myself blissful and very light. My singing seemed to sound bright and pure and it merged to the singing of all the other participants. Although we were in a relatively small room, I felt as if I were in a big hall or church.
After that time it has not been needed to induce me to OM, I go there willingly. Due to OM I am now recovering from my depression, and the nightmares, that I had only half a year ago almost every night, are gone. My family was already frustrated, when I screamed out of them every night. Instead of them I have got clear, beautiful dreams. With OM I have got to know myself and felt all-encompassing LOVE. I feel myself confident and peaceful, I feel, that I am not alone anymore, but belong to a bigger wholeness and that my life is important. Even my marriage is whole again, because I have been able to be myself and to discuss about things with my husband.
Erika, Finland

For the firts time in my life I attended such Om Healing programme and it was an outstanding experience which I cant write in words. Thank you so much for having organised such programme.
Dr. K.A.Mujumdar., USA

31st December it will have been two years Since my first experience with OM Healing. It was New Year's Eve when me and my friends sat in a circle and… it flowed. Literally because when I heard the New Year’s fireworks I heard them like they were emanating from completely different world. I felt like I was sailing across the entire ocean, carried by the all-embracing OM sound. It was a groundbreaking moment as many positive changes entered upon my life afterwards. Since that moment I take part in OM Healing regularly. Usually that means once a week. Once, there were nobody in my hometown to lead the Om Healing so I asked Sri Swami Vishwananda for the blessing. That is exactly how I became one of the leaders.
How did Om Healing help me? Above all I am much more peaceful and calm now and finally I overcame my depression which have been lasting for the last 8 years, with short intervals. I have not been taking any antidepressants because I do not need them anymore. What is more, half a year ago I even resigned from my therapy. My psyche is now strong enough to get along well just by myself. Thanks to that I can carry on developing my spirituality. I am able to exercise Atma Kriya. Problems with the insomnia disappeared as well. I strongly believe that, as the time goes by, thanks to OM Healing practice other health problems will be also gone. As any other treatment, OM Healing requires time and patience to overcome not only the signs of the illness but also its real, underlying cause.
I fervently encourage everybody to practice OM Healing as the most beautiful thing one can gain from this technique is not only the openness of one’s heart for the unconditional Divine Love but the fact that during the practice of Om Healing we can emit this light of love to every being which is in need as well.
Elizabeth, Szczecin, Poland

I saw Babaji  half a minute after the OM Healing circle has started (like the one on the picture which my mother has on her altar but younger) standing next to a person who was chanting OM. With his hands he was showering red petals on her head. Through the channels in her body the golden light was flowing to her feet, and through her feet black energy was leaving to the earth. Black colour was not negative or bad, but, as it seemed to me, that whatever was coming out from her was to heal the earth and the earth needed it. When Babaji finished with that person he moved on to do the same to all present in the OM Healing Circle. He showered everybody with the petals, one by one, and I saw this golden light flowing on through everybody down to the feet and then to the earth. After the OM session many have testified hearing man's deep voice singing with all of us and everybody said that they felt somebody was beside them. The whole room had a wonderful fragrance afterwards.
Stela Škarica, 11 years, Dugi Rat, Croatia

Today many children were healed here on earth and the crisis

will be solved. This (OM Healing) is also good to heal many people and the earth.
Daniela, 8 years, Entroncamento, Portugal (15.01.2011)

Over the past year I have been getting emails from some one with a very sick grand child. She came across my web site and asked me to put her gradchilds's name in the healing box I place in the centre of the OM Healingcircle. I forget the severity of the child's condition but she was hospitalised many times and on request from her grandmother Shen, I have been putting her grand child's name in the healing box at our OM Healing circle each week. I am pleased to tell you the child is now better and went to school for the first time today, her grandmother write to me below:
"Dear sir thanks for your extended healing support for Maanavi. The great and happiest news is this that child went to school today, she was very excited. We all pray to God to please be kind to the child and her parents and her sister also. All of us have suffered a lot now we desire peace and happiness. All of us request you to pray God to do so. Thanks sincerely yours Sneh, child's grand ma.“
Sebastian Gates, Southampton

The most remarkable experience I ever had of Om Healing happened in May 2009 during the Om Healing seminar in Germany. I saw the image of our dear Lord Jesus during the Om Healing session. For a moment he was before my closed eyes while I was sitting in the middle of the circle – it was beautiful and very powerful! The next strong experience I had was in November 2009 when a group of us from Croatia came to the ashram in Germany. During the Om Healing I saw, at one point, the whole universe with its billions of shining galaxies that were small like stars. They, all together with the space all around them, sounded with the vibratory sound of OOOOOmmmmmm. I heard the holy vibration of the universe!
Nela, Croatia

My name is Goran and I am 31 years old. I came to the Om healing two weeks ago. My first experience was very unusual, almost surreal, with myriad arrays of colours and unusual sounds and an immense amount of energy flowing through my body. During the second Om Healing I had an apparition of a woman who had long black hair and slanted dark eyes with an Asiatic appearance who was dressed in a red toga. She smiled and then disappeared. Then I saw the image of our planet Earth, which split in the middle and shone with light blue colour all around spreading outwards throughout the universe. Afterwards, I found out that we were doing the Om Healing for Mother Earth. The amount of energy was so strong that I felt it as a strong wind caressing my body. Rock crystal, which I had in my pocket, started to vibrate during the Om Healing.

For me OM Healing is a very effective method. There is nothing more beautiful for me than to come together for the healing in our selves and around us. For the well-being of everyone. Such a small contribution and still so precious. Hardly thanks to everybody who makes it possible. With love,
Madeleine Bauer, Switzerland

 My name is Elena Bričević and I am 35 years old. Me and my sister Maja Živković regularly attend the Om Healing group for one year at our friends place in Dugi Rat, Croatia. 
Since I started coming to Om Healings I feel great physically, there is no pain, emotionally I am balanced, and I feel that I have spiritually matured. If there is a pain, such as toothache, headache or backache, the pain disappears after the Om Healing.   When we participate in the Om Healing the sensations are not always the same. I often hear some sounds, and I think that they are not from this planet. Sometimes it is the sound of horn; other times it is the sound of bell; yet on some occasions I can hear the sound of coral singers. Many times I hear a man's voice singing Om along with us and there are only women attending the Om Healing. Sometimes I can smell wonderful rose fragrance as if the Indian burning sticks are lit around. At the beginning of Om Healing I feel great joy, and after unspeakable inner peace.
I would like, in my sister’s stead, to tell of an experience of hers. She could not conceive a child. So she prayed to St. Irene for about a month. After that she became pregnant. During the whole duration of pregnancy she would come to the Om Healing, to the very last day. It was November 12th in the evening when she came to the Om Healing. After she has come home she started to get her first labours. My sister decided that I drive her to the hospital in Split about 17 kilometers away from our home. While we were driving my sister got very heavy labours and her amniotic fluid started to leak . I was forced to stop and park the car. After the third try she conceived the baby in the car. I helped her during the delivery, which wascarried out without any trouble. None of us expected that she would deliver the child without great and long pains.  I think that there were our spiritual guides and that we were blessed by Mother of God, Babaji and Swamiji. The baby, Lucija, was exuding the fragrance of the rose even 15 minutes after the delivery until we first bathed her.
I can only conclude, drawing from my own experiences, that the Om Healing technique is a great gift and a blessing from God Himself for all people on the planet Earth and all of us should be grateful for that.


My name is Maja and together with my sister I have been attending the Om Healing in Dugi Rat, Croatia. That is a great gift and blessing from God, Babaji, and Swami and I am very grateful to all of them for making this powerful technique available to me.
The Om Healing Technique has helped me a lot many times, especially during the pregnancy.  It was very difficult for me to sit and chant. My back was hurting and also my legs. I could not sit comfortably and enjoy the meditation especially as my delivery date was approaching. But in spite I continued coming to the Om Healing because I would feel wonderful afterwards.
On November 12th I felt that I would deliver the child and with great happiness I went to attend the Om Healing just before the delivery. It was 9 p.m. when the labours started, and two and a half hours later I delivered the child: in the car of my sister on the way to the hospital! She was driving me there. Interestingly, all the way from the home to the hospital was magnificent. I had a feeling that somebody else was about to deliver the baby. I am frightful person by nature and in those moments I was so brave and self-confident.
Luce got born in the car and she was out very quickly to mine and to my sister’s wonderment. After the delivery the baby smelled of rose and in her first photographs it can be observed the blue light enveloping her.
I am very grateful to Divine Mother as well as St. Irene who helped me in the moments of my great need. Great thanks also to all Om Healing companions.
Om Healing means a lot to me and I hardly wait the day when my Luce is big enough to start attending the Om Healing again.

OM Healing results with young children
n school i train some children in table tennis. to train children about 2 hours is something like beeing a tamer :-), sometimes. The group was very nervous and i said to "my children" that i´m going to stop my teaching in case that... i didn´t really know what to do. Then i started with Yoga. Now at the beginning and at the end of the training we are sitting together for some minutes in a circle and excercise OM and quietness. Of course, at first they laughed a lot. But last time they asked me to do Yoga again and - everybody was quiet.
So, i learned that Yoga is much, much better then to threat :-) and the atmosphere in our little group is also much better then before. Thank you for sharing this little story with me.

During the OM Healing I could smell very intensively the fragrance of rose. After the OM Healing I realized that my hands have a wonderful fragrance of rose which reminds me of Swami as well. This experience lasted for one - two hours. Sometimes I can hear instruments, like tibetan bells, or monks repeating mantras.   
Pratima, Omis, Croatia


One day, me, Karl, got a message that Susanna had jumped down from the fifth floor of her residential building. For me it was not unexpected, we had so much trouble to bear,the pressure was simply too high. We had not been a couple that time but I had tried to help her as good as possible to check her inner fights against negative forces she was confronted with.

Nevertheless the day came I had no more power and said "Oh my God, I`m sorry, I can`t help her anymore. If her time to go has come I don`t want to stop her unnecessarily. Or let a miracle happen."

A couple of days later I visited her in hospital for the first time and daily hereafter. Concerning the circumstances her injuries had been borderline. Years ago two people died who had jumped down the same building. Susi had several fractures, especially a rubble fracture of her ellbow.It was split in thirty parts and doctors predicted stiffness of the joint. This evaluation had a lot of convincing power inherent because it based on longterm experience from practice. Dear reader, you know it already and you are right. The ellbow did not remain stiff and OM-Healing might have been the most important reason for that.

Surgeons did an excellent job. To support the healing process I provided Susanna with food supplements. In addition the plaster cast on the right arm got its daily caress for emotional support. Doesn`t healing begin from within?

The first time I heard about OM-Healing was not long before. I had read that Saint Babaji from the Himalayas immediately reacts at every earnest request. I thought "O.K., I`ll try." A short time later a friend of mine talked to me about OM-Healing and the next date for practice. In the meantime the accident happened and for me it opened the door to participate in OM-Healing.

Susanna was lying in hospital and should receive a joint-prothesis. Doctors had tried to convince her this would be the best and only alternative to preserve an usable arm.Finally she consented to the operation. Even in the operative theatre with anaesthesia of the arm she once again asked a surgeon whether the prothesis really would make movements possible. "Yes!" was the answer. But then a female doctor interfered and said:"No!". The ellbow would be stiff even with prothesis but the pain would be reduced. In this state of hither and thither Susanna cancelled the operation thereby provoking an over-emotional reaction of the senior-consultant.In his rage he said he would never operate her again.

Weeks later the plaster cast was taken away and the ellbow was almost stiff. Susanna was very sad,so I tried to support her mentally with positive thinking and an audio CD from Clemens Kuby who healed himself from paraplegia. And last but not least: in the case of no betterment I told her that one day we would drive to the Himalayas in order to look for Saint Babaji and beg him for his grace.

After my first OM-Healing attendance Susanna reported me of some sensations in her ellbow. During the OM-Healing session I had indeed concentrated on her ellbow. Her daily practices slowly but constantly progressed and she was encouraged to continue her efforts from an elder senior consultant.

One week later during the next OM-Healing session I clearly saw her scar from the fracture of the thighbone where she felt different sensations at the same time. The energy could be felt distinctly.

Her broken leg was 7cm shorter than the other one and another operation equalized the difference almost completely. Today Susanna is able to walk around without aid. In the meanwhile we are regular guests during OM-Healing.
Susanne and Karl, Vienna, Austria