OM Healing Events & Yoga and Meditation

"To win in life, one must learn the rules for any game.  In the life of the sadhaka (a spiritual aspirants), to win the game, one must learn to radiate Wellness through union of mind, body and spirit.  Therein, a Yogi is born.  The OM Healing Technique Swami Vishwananda and I sponsor, invigorate, and infuse with Super-Consciousness greatly helps mankind toward this goal." 
Mahavatar Babaji

 Full Moon
OM Healing

The intention of full moon OM Healing is to further intensify the positive vibration of OM world wide. We invite all OM Healing groups around the world to take part in full moon OM Healing between the hours of 8-9.30 p.m. (CET). The Full moon OM Healing will help to transform our planet, send out a stronger positive vibration in your community and magnify the healing effect on the participants.

Full Moon Dates 2012
Month Day Day of Week
Jan 9 Mon
Feb 7 Tue
Mar 8 Thu
Apr 6 Fri
May 6 Sun
Jun 4 Mon
Jul 3 Tue
Aug 2 Thu
Aug 31 Fri
Sep 30 Sun
Oct 29 Mon
Nov 28 Wed
Dec 28 Fri

OM Healing Workshop
3 hours

The workshop contains following topics:

-   the meaning and symbolism of universal sound AUM/OM
-  OM meditation given by Swami Vishwananda and
   AUM vibration exercise
-  OM Healing technique

For more information please contact an OM Healing group organiser in your area.