Atma Kriya

Atma Kriya is a collection of different yoga and meditation practices that unify the mind, body and spirit. The techniques purify the nervous system, calm the mind, slow the aging process, balance hormones, increase energy and bring health and vitality to the physical body.

After a few months of regular practice, many people experience states of deep meditation, their nervous system flows with energy and their mind becomes calm and peaceful.

Tell me about the course

Each teacher is able to deliver the course in a way that best suits the needs of their students. On the course you receive both practical and philosophical knowledge of the Atma Kriya techniques and our teachers are able to share their own personal experience of practicing Atma Kriya with you. Some teachers also offer one to one tuition.

The course is traditionally taught over 3 full days but some teachers choose to spread the course out over a longer time period. Lunch and refreshments are normally served during the 3 day course, so please let the teacher know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Who is the Atma Kriya course suitable for?

The Atma Kriya yoga and meditation techniques are for everybody. The only requirements to enrole on a course are; that you are over the age of 18 and that you do not suffer from severe high blood pressure or heart conditions. The course is suitable for both men and women and we recommend that you practice our Sun Salutation prior to attending the course if your body is fit and healthy.

Shaktipat initiation

At the end of a course all students receive an initiation called Shaktipat. This is a transmission of energy that activates the techniques and gives the needed 'spark' to help students with their practice.

What are the Atma Kriya techniques?

Meditation - allows clarity of thought with reduced mental agitation. Meditation encourages the mind to become quiet which allows us to focus our attention on the energy centres of the body called chakras.

OM-Healing - is an ancient group self-healing technique. It supports the healing process of the body and also transforms the local environment.

Mantra - is the repetition of a series of sounds that help to raise energy and focus the mind. Repeating a mantra elevates consciousness and helps to calm the mind which makes meditation much easier.

Mudras - are actions that create a locking mechanism using the physical body, they control and manipulate energy. Mudras also help to balance the five elements within the body which can prevent or cure illnesses.

Pranayama - are breathing exercises that concentrate and distribute energy, the techniques heal and clean the energy channels called nadis witch transmit prana around the body.

Asanas - are physical exercises that keep the body physically fit and healthy and free from disease. Asanas permit the transmission of more energy through the body and allow it to become supple and strong.