Health benefits from Atma Kriya practice

Over the centuries, many yoga and meditation practices have been designed to balance the five elements and create harmony in the body. Atma Kriya also has the capability of balancing the five elements and creating perfect physical health.


When the mind, body and spirit are harmonised and the five elements in equilibrium, we can lead a healthy, balanced and happier life. A healthy, balanced lifestyle together with regular Atma Kriya practice can prevent illnesses, mental negativity and  energetic imbalances from occurring in the body.

Atma Kriya is a holistic yoga and meditation practice that has the power to give physical, mental and spiritual well being. Atma Kriya can also help stabilise hormones in the body and counteract symptoms of mild depression, anxiety and anger.


Mental health benefits from the techniques


Eastern medicine sees the mind, body and spirit as being interconnected. This means that if our bodies are out of balance, then our minds and our spirit will become out of balance over time. Having a healthy diet, a moderate amount sleep and practicing Atma Kriya regularly has the power to balance our energy, create positive emotions and allow us to detach from the mind when experiencing negativity.

Many of our students have said that after a few months of regular Atma Kriya practice they felt happier and more contented with their life. Although Atma Kriya can't completely stop all mental negativity; regular practice generates a positive state of mind and will help combat negativity throughout the day.


Physical health benefits from our yoga postures

Our physical yoga postures help prevent back problems, relieve physical tension in the muscles, increase blood circulation, regulate metabolism, balance hormone secretion, create good posture, increase concentration, relieve anger and emotional tension, regulate digestion, strengthen muscles, slow the aging process, increase respiratory efficiency and boost the immune system to fight off infections. Our mudras also help to balance the 5 elements inside the body allowing for inner healing and purification.

Health benefits from our breathing exercises

Our breathing exercises help to relieve anxiety, improve concentration, address cardiovascular and nervous disorders, help problems with asthma, slow the aging process, clear emphysema and bronchitis, stabilise blood pressure problems, calm the mind, increase respiratory efficiency and boost the immune system. The body is filled with oxygen and stale unwanted carbon dioxide is expelled from the body, the left and right hemispheres of the brain are balanced and the energy channels in the body are purified.

Healthtest2"The Atma Kriya course has encouraged me to take more responsibility for my own physical and mental well-being. I now feel greater harmony with my surroundings, which is enhanced every time I practice the Atma Kriya techniques." - Dr. S. Moysich, Göttingen, Germany.

Spiritual benefits of Atma Kriya practice

spiritual 5.jpgWe are in a unique position as human beings because we have the ability to perceive God through our mind and nervous system. People call God many different names, some like to use the word energy, some call it light or truth and others personalise Divinity by calling it Jesus, Krishna or Mohamed. How you choose to understand God is personal to each individual and Atma Kriya is able to enhance your own personal connection to the Divine.

An experience of the Divine comes to those that want it and as long as we are sincere and make the effort along the spiritual path, the Divine will answer our prayers. Yoga and meditation practice has been used by spiritual aspirants to create a personal experience of God for thousands of years. Atma Kriya practice offers a fast and assured route towards the Divine and with dedicated practice, a spiritual awakening is attainable in one life time.


From the head to the heart

It is a short distance from the head to the heart, in fact it measures 40 c.m. from start to finish, but it is one of the longest journeys that some of us will ever have to make. With sincere practice, the Atma Kriya techniques can still the restless mind, awaken the spiritual heart and ultimately lead to an experience of pure Divine love.

Spiritualtest3"While practicing Atma Kriya and diving in the silence that it brings, there is an enormous Love that surrounds and embraces me. In these moments I am like the most happy, most wanted and most peaceful child. Atma Kriya helps me during my daily life because there is this growing feeling of appreciating to be alive in this world, the growing need to be grateful, the perception of the beauty and love that pervades everything." -  Cristina , Portugal.