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Our daily prayer is the renewing and welcoming of the divine into our heart, body and mind.  By renewing ourselves in the divine each morning, this helps us to carry the benefit of being connect and anchored in the Divine throughout our day.

Morning Prayer

In Shree Peetha Nilaya we awaken early to start morning prayer by singing the Guru stotram in which we ask for the blessing of the Guru (both inner and outer) for guidance and blessing on our spiritual path. We then sing to the temple deities such as Krishna, Radha, Maha Kali, Mother Mary and Jesus. We undertake every morning a Hindu ritual known as abhishekam, where we invoke the deities to come to participate in this ritual ceremony where we wash and clothe the temple deities – Baby Krishna, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Kali and Kanchikamakshi Devi. We offer to them food, drink, perfume and incense. Whilst the abhishekam is taking place we sing to our beloved deities Bhajans. We also sing songs (Shri Krishna Subhrabhatam and The Govindam Prayers) to our beloved baby Krishna (main temple deity).

Singing to the divine, offering of the incense and auspicious items and chanting Sanskrit mantras, creates an atmosphere of devotion and love for the Divine. We finish the morning prayer by offering arati to the all of the deities present in the temple and then to all people present. After arati has been offered, people present can choose to sit in this atmosphere of love and devotion and meditate on the Divine. On Sundays we have an extended pray in the morning where we do a Kalash puja to the main deitiy and give Abhishekam to many of the smaller sized deities.

DOWNLOAD the PDF with Morning Prayers here

Evening Prayer

We are called again to renew our hearts in love and devotion to the Divine. We start the evening prayer again in the temple by singing the Guru Stotram and then allow our love to flow out through singing Bhajans and Kirtan. We sing the Nrsimha Kavacham and the Shri Nrsimha Prayer to Lord Narasingha Dev (Nrsimha was an incarnation of Vishnu) asking for his protection, blessing and help on our spiritual path. We also sing the Hanuman Chalisa – the story of how Hanuman fought for dharma and served selflessly with devotion and great courage for his beloved Rama. On Tuesday evening we do abhishekam to Durga and sing the Durga Chalisa and / or Durga / Kali arati. On Fridays we do abhishekam to the Sri Yantra and sing the Lakshmi Arati.

Following the Hindu prayers each evening we move our hearts and minds into the chapel where we worship the Divine in the Christian context. We start with singing the life story of the saints. On Tuesday we sing the Akethist to St Panteleimon, Wednesday – All Saints, Thursday – St Nicholas, Friday – Mother Mary and Saturday Evening is Liturgy. Following on from the Akethist there is a reading of the lives of the saints venerated on that day and we finish with the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers.


DOWNLOAD the PDF with Evening Prayers - Part 1, here
DOWNLOAD the PDF with Evening Prayers - Part 2, here
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