Bhaktimarga Art

Artwork and plans of Bhaktimarga Art and Atelier in Springen

The painting of saints and icons is part of our spiritual path within the community. Until now, our artist have implemented many projects, like for example the design of the new chapel, the Babaji cave as well as the new Kali temple in our centre.  These are wonderful places of silent prayer and harmony which have been made manifest through God´s grace.

This complete artwork of spatial arrangement and icon painting forms the basis for other creative activities planned in Springen. Above all our art studio shall become a place of creativity and meditation which may accommodate professional projects within the Bhakti Marga community. It will also serve our guests as a forum for a variety of seminars and advanced trainings.

Another project will be the artistic design of the entrance hall as well as the painting of new motives from the Hindu mythology. We are already able to extend our artistic range in the fields of sculpturing, wood carving, mosaic techniques and embroidery.

We are going to continue the lecture series in icon painting and provide this year seminars in open intuitive painting as well as various forms of painting therapy.

We are intending to continuously improve ourselves in our established painting group through regular exchange, i.e. the practice of new painting techniques.

The artworks developed by the Bhaktimarga art- original paintings and reproductions- will be made accessible to a larger audience in exhibitions.

We hope to reach many people with our spiritual and creative work and thus to contribute also to the propagation of Swami Vishwananda´s message. He often pointed out that through creative work practised with love and devotion we can come closer to the Divine within our hearts.

We are looking forward to ample interest in our work and your loving support.

Mataji Jaahnvi /Judit Hildebrandt  atelier/ art work
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