School lunch for ALL children!

Even for those children whose parents cannot afford 1 € per day for school lunch.

There are now more and more families whose income is not sufficient to allow their children to have lunch at school.

About 150,000 children in German schools are affected by this situation. They are not only excluded from having lunch but also from this important communal experience.

Sri Swami Vishwananda’s intention is to enable these children, who would otherwise be barred for social economic reasons to be given daily lunch. Swami fully supports the lunch4children project that provides lunches since 2008 in the Hunsrück and Rheingau regions, for more than 100 children in several schools.

We would now like to include more schools. In order to achieve this we need your financial support. With just 30 € a month * you can provide a schoolchild with daily lunch.



*  A school lunch costs on average € 4 bis 6. Only one part is financed by the municipality. As a result, a balance of 1 bis 3 €, is paid by the parents. The amount of 30 € a month is calculated based on a 20 day school month and on the average cost to parents.