Social projects

Most people, whatever their nationality, background or culture, ask Swami “what is my purpose here in this life?”

The first thing Swami answers is “to serve, to help others”.

Serving and helping are two fundamental aspects of Bhakti (devotion).

Caring is a part of a spiritual way of life. It is compassion in action.

To help others irrespective of their circumstances and also help those who are less fortunate, to contribute, to improve their life without expectation.

Swami’s mission is to open people’s hearts to the Divine love inside of themselves. This heart connection brings the consciousness that we are in truth all ONE.

In our lives here and in everything we undertake we must embrace that consciousness. To offer everything we do firstly to God and to recognize His divinity in everyone else also.

Everything that Swami shares with everyone is caring, is compassion in action. It is his nature, embodied, lived and given continuously without end.

On his behalf, Bhakti Marga carries out various projects whenever/wherever possible. Whether it is to support children’s school lunches (see Lunch 4 Children), inspire the Kenya Seva Project (see Swami Vishwananda Kenya Seva Foundation), or to send Brahmacharis to share spiritual teachings around the world.

Swami travels constantly from his home base in Germany, to spread his mission and is directly involved with all the projects. During his travels many receive direct aid from him through spiritual and practical advice; a benefit that cannot be quantified.

Please look out for further information and updates. If you would like to donate your skills, time and/or make a financial gift towards any of the aforementioned projects, please contact either:

Tusti at (Lunch 4 Children)