Friends of Bhakti Marga

• Why become a ‘Friend of Bhakti Marga’?
Bhakti Marga has numerous activities, initiated by Sri Swami Vishwananda: Darshans, Pujas, OM-Healing, Atma Kriya, Bhakti Marga Music, Bhakti Art, charity projects... All these activities and the very existence of Bhakti Marga's main ashram and centre, Shree Peetha Nilaya, have been made possible through the financial support of our friends and family which we now invite you to join.

“Friends of Bhakti Marga” is here to support Swami Vishwananda’s mission, and has no other purpose than this. Swami is showing us continuously the example of giving. Whatever he does – he does for others, helping thousands of people around the world. And it is through our giving thatHis mission can keep growing.

So, if you feel passionate about it, join us! Become part of the growing community of “Friends of Bhakti Marga” today. It is through support like this that spiritual missions can flourish.

"Among the four "ashramas" (stages of human life), i.e. celibate, householder (people who live & work “in the world”), recluse and ascetic, the householder is the greatest, because all others depend on it."- Lahiri Mahasaya

• What will I receive as a 'Friend of Bhakti Marga'?

The process of giving is a form of Bhakti, where we open a channel for the spiritual connection. As a “Friend of Bhakti Marga” you will be able to experience how Swami's mission grows with your support. Whenever you give, the blessing is there. And it will always stay with you. On the other hand, Swami always loves to give thanks to those who help. That is why as a “Friend of Bhakti Marga” you will receive some additional bonuses, which are, among others:

✔free access to Live streams of Satsangs and events with Sri Swami Vishwananda;

✔invitation to participate in a special event for Friends of Bhakti Marga with Sri Swami Vishwananda (for instance, a yagna);

✔special New Year's gift.

• How to become a ‘Friend of Bhakti Marga’?

It is not the amount that is the most important, because every gift has your love in it. We only ask that your minimum monthly contribution is not less than 5 euros. But what is very important is, that your support is regular (monthly), because only with this can Bhakti Marga plan future events and construction projects worldwide.

If you have decided to become a participant of the “Friends of Bhakti Marga” program, please, fill out the form and state the amount you would like to contribute. If you are unable to organise a monthly standing order in your bank, you can transfer contributions via our website, or bring it in person to Shree Peetha Nilaya during your next visit.
Please send your application with signature to:

Form link - FoBM Application Form

Link to Live Stream (including Archive), only with FoBM Login/Password: Live Stream