About the Artists

Below a short introduction of the collaborators of the Atelier team, who live in Springen, as well as, other outside artists who regularly support our projects.

Mataji Jaahnvi (Judit Hildebrandt) lives at Springen

- Head of the Art Institute and Atelier, Coordinator of Art Projects

-Art courses: icon painting and intuitive art

-own spiritual paintings

A freelance artist, painter, teacher for 30 years, with own distribution of fine art cards and reproductions. Variety of experience in many artistic areas: Textile design, porcelain, silk painting, old master oil techniques, spiritual paintings, icons, stage and costume design, combined spiritual art, music and dance performance concept.

Exhibiting since 1988 nationally and internationally in Rome, Budapest, Munich, Baden-Baden, Zurich, Lucerne among others. Participation in exhibitions and fairs also in collaboration with several spiritual artists.

A member of Swami Vishwananda’s spiritual community since 2003. Since that time, intensive collaboration with Guruji’s projects. Painting of the Chapel at Steffenshof, icons for further chapels, original paintings for illustrations, Hindu deities, etc. A permanent resident and head of the atelier in Springen, since November 2009. Further projects currently being planned for Shree Peetha Nilaya Center.

Contact: jaahnvi@bhaktimarga.org - web.   www.judit-hildebrandt.de
or (+49) (0) 6124 6059127
see the curriculum of mataji Janvi here: curriculum.pdf

Mataji Gitanjali

Mataji Gitanjali was born in Portugal. She started painting since early age and has worked professionally as a painter for more than 24 years. She devoted most of her work in painting angels and deities through inner guidance and intuition.
In 2007 she met Sri Swami Vishwananda and became part of Bhakti Marga Art. Since then she painted many art projects for our Tempel and Church.
Teacher of various painting classes including meditative painting. Regular exhibitions in Portugal, Germany and Switzerland.

Art-Yoga - Meditative Painting

Art -Yoga is a technique to connect with our Self through painting and meditation.

Our human brain has two very different ways of thinking.The right brain is visual and processes picutres and information in an intuitive way. The left brain is verbal and processes information in an analytical and sequential way. Painting helps to unify and developing our creative and analytic mind on each level of our being.

The painting works as a tuner and a portal, for the divine energy. The observer receives that energy acted in the screens, through the symbols and of the colors, that it puts it in contact with extremely high energies;  being a help in the spiritual road. The painting is then a secret key to establish resonance with the energies of the macrocosm, because she alters the beings' vibrations and of the atmospheres. The field of force of a sacred painting modifies our energy in several levels, it stimulates the mind, it balances the emotions being like this a cure source.

The painting is never the end in himself, but a middle, a portal between the sky and the earth.

The meditative painting (art-yoga) it is a method to unify the analytical mind and the creative mind. Or be the left hemisphere of our brain and the right, for the unification it interns.

1st - THE practice of the painting active the right hemisphere of the brain.
2nd - THE study of the symbolic explanations stimulates the left hemisphere.
3rd - THE practice of the Meditation (the concentration in the 3rd eye), it takes to resolution of this duality and it unifies. she develops the intuition, she opens the vision to take a bath in the eternal beauty of the inside world.


Having  studied  art and theatre I am now a painter and teacher in school. While studying I started to learn the classical indian dance Bharatanatyam. In my paintings the geometrical elements of dance connect with rhytm and power of colour. When I met swamiji in 04 he asked me to paint icons. He awakened my secret love for icons which made  me regularly travel to greece. Diving into the cosmos of the image remaines possiblewhether it is  formless abstract painting or strictly traditional formed like an icon. As well as in dance the traditional form wants to be filled with devotion to become a mysterious univers.

Mataji Meenakumari  / Susanne Mathes

In 1985 I began to paint in a new way, which questioned everything I had achieved so far and made color itself, liberated from objective realism, the focal point. Through extensive experimentation with various techniques color emerged as direct expression. It became a means of communication for me, a mirror, a source of meditation, which invites the viewer in to engage with the picture.

Pictures look: www.susanne-mathes.de


Mataji Padmakshi / Martha Anna Böhm

Freelance arts and craft worker.

-specialised textile crafts for religious articles: Altar coverings, clothes for Murtis, embroidery for priestly robes.  

Training in tapestry work – Budapest 1992-94

Textile work:  wall hangings, screens, clothing and head wear.  Everything created and made according to own original designs.

Embroidery: tapestry, silk embroidery and beadwork onto velvet and silk.

Rajani / Miriam Hinz

During the last couple of years I, and some other artists, have been painting icons for our chapels in Steffenshof and Springen

These chapels are completed now, which gives me time to study further. At the moment I am studying restoration and conservation of decorative surfaces on wooden and metal substrates. Within my studies I am learning a lot about traditional painting techniques and materials which is advantageous for our icon-painting.

I am very much looking forward to share my new skills with all those who are interested in learning how to prepare gesso the traditional way, or how to paint with eggs and pigments or even how to do water-gilding.


Studies: Stage design and stage painting in Prague / Czech Republic
Free painting in Wiesbaden (graduated designer in 1972)

Occupation at the national theatre Wiesbaden and the national theatre Stuttgart, additional exhibitions of my own works. Participation in the wall and icon painting in both chapels of Steffenshof. Painting of numerous icons for the chapel in Shree Peetha Nilaya, Springen, on behalf of Sri Swami Vishwananda.

Theatre has been my main domain for many years, either in setting up a framework for the staging or by participating as a member in a small theatre group which enriches the cultural life in Wiesbaden for decades with its specific Czech technique of Black Theatre. Since meeting Sri Swami Vishwananda in 2002, icon painting became the central focus of my artistic activity at his suggestion.

The fact that I was allowed to work for Sri Swami Vishwananda by being one of the artist of Bhaktimarga gave specific direction to my life. All my spiritual practice, that I have known so far, results in this work. My work experience and artistic responsibility found direct use in Bhaktimarga Art. Sri Swami Vishwananda partially enables us to solve some tasks alone while witnessing miracles associated with His presence. In this atmosphere I do art work with Love for Love which He personifies and lives for us.


Contact e-mail:uma@bhaktimarga.org