Art Sale

Sale of Original Paintings to Benefit the Center

A part of the spiritual path within BHAKTI MARGA is Art, for instance Icon painting, religious pictures, as well as other handicrafts. Our creative team has already painted 4 small churches and the new chapel in December 2008. This chapel, with Swami´s blessing, has become a place of worship, of harmony and beauty. It is visited and admired by many people.

We wish to continue and further develop our artistic activities and creative areas. As you know, the Center is closed at present and we need your support and help. Because of that, I would like to sell some of my original pictures and prints and to donate a large portion of the money from the sale to the Center.

I have worked as a freelance painter for over 25 years and my spiritual and angel paintings as well as my card collection, that are spread all over Europe, have reached many people. I look forward to our future projects and to art seminars that will continue to be offered once the Center re-opens. Thank you in anticipation for your support from the sale of the pictures listed below.

Guruji will bless each picture for the person or family, who acquires one. The Paintings can be ordered now. Almost all the income from these articles will also go to the refurbishment project of the Center. Therefore the idea for a small exhibition came about in order to benefit Center Springen.

Mataji Jaahnvi/ Judit Hildebrandt

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DOWNLOAD the pdf with all the painting to sale here.