Swami sings

Sri Swami Vishwananda is the inspiration behind everything in “Bhakti Sounds”. He started to sing with us to God, he “ infected” us with this longing to sing our hearts out in love for God!

The CD "Awakening" was created in a professional recording studio in South Africa. Swamiji sings some of his favorite bhajans accompanied by South African devotees. Feel free to listen:  

 1. Vignesham Bhajare.mp3
 2. Vani Saraswati.mp3
 3. Namo Sharada.mp3
 4. Velava Velava.mp3
 5. Atma Rama.mp3
 6. Guruvayur Pura.mp3
 7. Devi Mahalakshmi.mp3
 8. Krishna Bhajo.mp3
 9. Muthu Krishna.mp3
 10. Bhaja Hare Krishna.mp3
 11. Radha Dhundha Rahi.mp3



Here are some quotes from Swami Vishwananda talking about music, about the different aspects and benefits of singing the divine names, from his book “Just Love”.

The mind is always running towards music. That’s why, when you are very tired, let’s say when you return from work, you put on a very soft music, sit and relax. Wherever there is sound, the mind will run towards it.

• So, what happens when you clap your hands? You know on your hands there are lots of meridians. All these meridians are connected to certain inner organs, such as the heart, the liver, the kidneys. So, while clapping you are sending certain energy there. So, if one of these organs has an energy block, it helps release it, so that this inner organ may function in a better way. That’s why when you’re happy you are always clapping the hands. Why when you are happy do you clap the hands? Because it generates, also, happiness and joy

• Actually, to lift one’s hands up [when singing to God] means Lord, we are drowning in this illusion; we are drowning in this Maya. We are lifting our hands up to You, so that You pull us out of Maya; so that You pull us out of this illusion and make us Realise ourselves and Realise that we are part of You, that we are Your children, that we are Your Divine Love. So, I would like that all of you lift your hands up and cry to the Lord.

• Through devotion, through singing the glory of God, all the dogma will be removed and you will feel that He is continuously present with you. You will feel His Love continuously with you. The more you feel Him, the more you become part of Him. Like it is said, also, in the Gita: When one chants the name of God, the Lord takes full possession of that person. The more you lose yourself, the more you lose your ego and pride, the more you will Realise the Divine, but the more you hang onto pride, the more you hang onto identity, the less you will find real happiness. So the easiest way that the Lord has given to us is to sing His glory. Just sing any Divine Name and, when you sing, let yourself be drawn into it and don’t try to think with the mind.

• The easiest way to calm the mind and attain happiness is through singing, because when you sing, you can’t think. You think only about what you are singing, so if you’re singing the Name of God, you are thinking only of God. So in God you have all the happiness. You know, God has given so many of His Names to mankind. You can call Him Allah, you can call Him Krishna, you can call Him Jesus, you can call Him with many Names and it’s the same. We say there is only one God, but yet, man always tries to say “My part is the best”, when all parts are the same God. How can one be better than the other?

• When you are singing bhajans, your mind is not troubling you because when you chant, your mind is busy and it becomes hard for the negativity to take over. So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, keep your mind fixed on God and chant the Divine names. This will help you to open up your heart. Chanting the Divine name is the most efficient way of controlling the mind. Look at any religion: Christianity has the rosary or komboskini, Hinduism has the japa mala, and Muslims have the tasbih. So the name of God is very important, and it’s very easy and very simple. Why complicate it? Why try to complicate things when God has given us the easiest thing? By chanting His name, you feel so close to Him.

• So, by calling Him, by chanting His Divine Name, you get more and more accustomed to Him. What is the Divine Name? It’s the name of God. So, the more you chant God’s name, what happens? All this negativity, which is in your mind, gets dissolved. Of course, it doesn’t happen just like that! It happens through practice, through years and years of practice

• The mind is never quiet. The mind is always thinking and you will make it quiet by chanting. When through chanting you train the mind to go inside your heart, in that deep quietness, you will Realise that God is sitting there and not because you know it in the mind, not because you have read about it, but because you have Realised it, because you feel it.