Bhakti Sounds

The music group of Bhakti Marga is founded for only one reason, to inspire people worldwide to chant the name of God, regardless of origin, faith, or culture.

  • Come and join in singing bhajans, when Sri Swami Vishwananda gives Darshan, or celebrates  holy festivals throughout the year. He himself loves to sing and dance in love for God, and „Bhakti Sounds“ is always there to accompany him with the typical Kirtan Instruments of cymbals, harmonium, drums (mrdanga), and also modern instruments like guitar and keyboard.
  • Come and visit us in one of our  various temples and „Bhakti Sounds“ music-groups, and join us singing to God in our daily prayers
  • Come and listen to bhajans and devotional songs in our „Bhakti Sounds“ concerts worldwide.
  • Make use of our youtube channel and listen to inspirational „Bhakti Sounds“ music combined with photo slideshows on your computer or mobilephone, wherever you are
  • Come and take part in one of our various workshops and learn more about devotional singing and music playing