The meaning of the Sanskrit word Darshan is "sight", from the root drs "to see". One may have darshan of a deity in a temple, a murthi (sacred statue), or a holy person. One has darshan of a God-realised Master, in Swami Vishwananda, who is an embodiment of divine qualities like unconditional love. During Darshan, the master, by radiating this Divine love, reflects and calls upon our own inner light and the Divine love that lies dormant in everyone's heart. After receiving Swamiji’s blessing, he recommends that the devotee sit quietly, go within and meditate. The love that can be felt during Darshan is not something from the outside; it is your very own love that you can feel. Swami’s aim is to bring us to the realisation that we all have the same love inside of us. That we can intensify that love, become one with it and share it with everyone around us.

As part of Swamiji's blessing you will receive a small packet of vibhuti, which is sacred ash. It has the capacity to retain spiritual vibrations and has healing qualities, so it can be applied on the body or mixed with some water and drunk, or applied on the forehead before meditation. Vibhuti symbolizes purity and renunciation of desires.