Bhakti Marga Community

The Bhakti Marga Community consists of individuals who feel drawn to the path of Bhakti as put forth/inspired by Sri Swami Vishwananda. Without a formal organisation, they are associated and connected through their devotion and love for God. In many countries there are temples/chapels or homes where they meet on a regular basis in order to celebrate and express their devotion through singing, praying, pujas, satsang or Om Healing. The path is simple and from the heart. It is a short and simple path to love, to the Divine Self.

Swami Vishwananda’s mission to open everyone’s heart to the Divine love inside themselves; which is intrinsically connected to every person who follows the path of bhakti (devotion).  This path is the fast route to connect to God and Self for it is based on Love and Love only. This Love, is the purest essence of all there is, was or ever shall be. It is unconditional, yet full of fervour and yearning for God. A love that recognises the One Being as All and knows nothing else can bring fulfilment.  Unconditional Love that recognises God in everyone and everything.

This recognition leads to realization that can only come through devotion to God, through single minded focus to attain Him/Her. To surrender everything unto Him/Her and to allow him/her to lead you.

The path of bhakti immerses one into Divine love to the extent that it becomes as vital as breathing. Nothing else matters, nothing else has any meaning, one merges into Divine love with God/Self and only one consciousness emerges.

"Christ said: A true friend is ready to sacrifice everything. And, actually, Love is that sacrifice. If you Truly Love, you will sacrifice everything. Until you have come to the point of really feeling this kind of Love inside of you – and you have to be ready – all the other kinds of love will have expectations. Very often what we call Love, it is just passion or desire. Today we love that person, tomorrow we love another person, but in one year you don’t even remember who these people were. Real Love is to be found deep inside of you, personally. It’s not in someone else; it’s inside of you. It’s your true nature."   - Swami Vishwananda